Quality health care is based on accurate and complete clinical documentation in the medical record. We analyze your medical records and previous coding to ensure that your documentation supports submitted codes in case of audits. Our auditing entails conducting internal or external reviews of coding accuracy, policies, and procedures to ensure you are running an efficient and hopefully liability-free operation.



WMB professional auditors identify the under-coding, code overuse, over billing, improper unbundling habits. We identifying reimbursement deficiencies as well as highlight the areas to increase it. Auditing process helps a practice understand risk and serves as a starting point for working toward smooth workflows and the best-functioning practice possible.


Our analytics transforms unworkable, disparate healthcare provider data into actionable business insights delivered through one elegant dashboard interface. Injecting advanced analytics tools into existing systems creates more accurate clinical and business assessments in less time, producing immediate WMB Offering a complete range of RCM solutions positive impacts on hospital efficiencies and revenue. WMB technology extends simplicity and elegance without sacrificing comprehensive business solutions.


We provide with a detailed reporting that shows a complete picture of where your practice stands and identify the problems, causes and solution


Audio + Visual Reports

Initial Evaluation Reports

Progress Report

Therapy Note

Med-legal Reports

Emergency Department Report

History and Physical Reports

Operative Reports

DIscharge Summary Reports